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I am an introvert, dog lover, Pisces, Herbalist, Remedial Massage therapist, Iridologist and student Naturopath. I work at Mega Health health food stores and Adelaide beads. My favourite colour is turquoise and I possibly couldn't live without water and lipbalm. I learnt to shoot for Wolf Sirens.
I enjoy yoga, soaping, alone time, reading and am obsessed with writing -I have surprized quite a few people with my secret hobby. No one in my family writes. I make a mean potato salad. I adore strong female protagonist's which is what stirred me to write Wolf Sirens. I drive like I'm in a rush always, I never clean my car and I will admit to a shamefull love of reality T.V. Gypsy weddings and 16 and pregnant are some guilty pleasures. My stories are a beautiful and tortured mix of reality meets fantasy. I was born in the green Bega Valley, New South Wales. I now reside in Adelaide South Australia with my daughter and our cocker cross, Billey.
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Intrigue, The Femme fatale, Goddesses, wolves, strong female protagonists, unrequited love and suspense - Sound interesting?
Chosen by the spirit of Artemis, what she is, and who she is are two different people and somewhere inside her the love and desire she feels, dooms her to make heart wrenching choices, which will either go against her kind or destroy the creatures she loves. In the unfolding fatal allure of hunter and prey.

"Wolf Sirens lures you into a world of danger, excitement and divided loyalties. A terrific read!" – Beverley Eikli, author of A Little Deception  

The Power Of BooksBooks take you on a journey to places you have never been and see things you have never seen.
Here's a little something I posted on facebook:Thank you to all my Fans! ;)
Merry Christmas to all those wonderful people who have given their time and effort into reading a previously unknown author.
I will be blog touring in a few weeks with Goddessfish tours and there will be many giveaways! As for now all I can do is offer my humble heartfelt gratitude. Thanks for appreciating all my hard work. Thank you for your help and recognition, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for loving and hating Lila, crushing on Sky and laughing at Reid, scowling at Sam and feeling sad for Lily. - I hope one day to be a full time writer because of you, liking my work. Just so everyone knows dreams do come true, if you work hard at something you love. To quote J.K Rowling "Rock bottom was the foundation on which I have rebuilt my life." Don't be scared to do what it is you dream of. When I was all alone in my room typing a story I more than once thought I may be nuts but I wanted to do it and who knew that little old me could have achieved just this. Don't listen to the haters, especially if you have perfect strangers tell you they loved what you do. Validation from good people and belief in oneself can make the seemingly impossible a reality.

Quote:"I am careful with whom I spend my time. I surround myself only with those who encourage and uplift me."