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Shifty Shifters & Sexy Shifters/What Appeals?

When we are children we imagine we are Peter pan, Fairies and princesses. I wanted to be Atreyu from The NeverEnding Story - who wouldn’t have wanted a pet dragon that could talk and rather enjoyed getting a good scratch behind the ear?
never ending story
Why is it that we love to imagine such things, what really appeals?

Giza, Egypt.It is evidenced that man has imagined that he has the power to transform since the dawn of time. Many tribes depicted half man, half best creatures in art on the walls of cave paintings. In ancient Rome Romulus and Remus are told to have been suckled by a wolf. Gods were given creature like attributes from Medusa to Poseidon. There are Satyrs of the underworld, centaurs and angels. From the Egyptians, Aboriginal dreamtime stories to the Indians, Irish and the Eskimos. All civilizations around the world have depicted tales of men being cursed as animals or possessing the magic to turn their spirits into beasts.
|ॐ| Trollish cave paintings are common in the mountains, cliff faces, and caves in Koldrogan, At'mavi, and Torlynn.
There is something mesmerizing about imagining oneself as a powerful creature about giving up control to the instinct and habits of the being we become, to forget consciousness, remorse and compassion. To surrender to the lizard part of our brain so long ago deeply buried. Animals have a confidence we find admirable.

As adults we can take the fantasy further - What if the human with the ability transform begins to remember what they do, begins to realize the creature dwelling within and to regret the unconscious actions of the beast. What happens if the afflicted attempt to control it? In struggling to maintain two lives, every day a torturous battle rages on within. – A metaphor for life?

What if they have the ability to pass on their affliction with a bite? What if the moon conspires against them? What if hunters came for them? What if they had done things they regret? And what if they fall in love with a human...

-As for my dream shifter? What if he is insanely handsome, haunted and gentle with the ability to rip you apart in a heartbeat and literally devour your flesh, yet the human side of him longs to caress it. What if he picks you out of the sea of a thousand seemingly similar and even better looking girls, what if he desires and adores you only, rejecting their blatant advances. What if despite himself he can’t stay away and would do anything to be with you and even die to protect you against all odds, despite his past. It brings him physical pain to see you with another man in fact he cannot bare it – yet he cares for you so much he knows its best you stay away from him. What if he fights for you?

 In the middle of the night, injured, he comes to your bedroom window in need of your help. With trembling hands you tend his wounds as they heal before you. What if he meets your lingering gaze, he grabs your arms forcefully yet tenderly and suddenly despite the forbidden act of him loving you, he does so. Passionately and gently with such commitment and heat, that your heart beats as his hot muscular arms hold you to him in a needy desperate embrace.... 

My shifter fantasy is simply an ideal of what our unconscious brain requires, on a chemical level a concept that at its core contains all the appealing genetic attributes the lizard brain desires, to produce and protect offspring. We want our men gentle, yet strong and very masculine – think Brad Pit in Legends of the Fall. If he’s loyal he is less likely to spread his seed and produce other offspring with other women which will compete with our genetics and he if he has the superhuman power to destroy threats and protect us, all the better.

It has been shown upon reading such things copious dopamine is released. Evolution requires we desire these attributes and rewards us for finding it. Admittedly I speak largely for women. As for why and what men like in the shifter genre, well, that is fodder for another post.   


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Post: Do you believe in Luck?

There is a famous saying: “Luck is hard work meets opportunity.”

I remember watching an interview with Will Smith and he answered a question with a spiel about how when he was young, his father would often tell him that very saying. He then went on to talk of the day his block buster film Independence Day was released in the U.S, his father called him up and said “Son you know what I always said to you.” And Will answered “Yes there’s no such thing as luck, I know dad.” To which his father replied “Son, forget that, you are one lucky son of a bitch!” Independence Day went on to break all box office opening day records. It was, I guess, a marketing stroke of genius.

My mother always said “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” However she is one of the hardest working people that I know. She runs her own successful small business which she started with nothing but a dream and few hundred dollars, there were those that thought she was nuts. She’s had many setbacks and some failures. She has seen hard times in the industry, survived bad partnerships and times when she couldn’t afford to employ staff, recently she had a robbery. Every day she is there and she is happy to be there, because she loves what she does – sure she can’t afford a nice car, but she learns everyday– at times with more resistance than at others. As a master she remains a student. Amazingly she relies on friends and volunteers and they come because my mother has that way about her, a love of her industry that is infectious and she is generous to a fault. So it isn’t luck that has kept her afloat for nearly ten years - its love and hard work. At times I thought, give up and go on welfare, but she doesn’t do it for money, she does it for a life. At heart she never wanted to be rich. She learns and meets more people every day she is there, who in one way or another enrich her life. It is her journey and her vision of wealth. And it’s better than sitting at home or working in a dead end job. There is method in her madness.

She has taught me so much, about business, about life and about success, just by observing her all these years. And that is worth its weight in gold, that’s an education you can’t buy – that I am lucky to have. She has lead by example and she has always been there to help, me and anyone else who needs it.

Success is defined by you and it can be doing well at something that you love. If so you are lucky to find what that is for you, run with it. Work hard at it.

People who are successful aren’t afraid of failure; I would estimate they fail far more. They just don’t dwell on it. They don’t self sabotage. I have learnt to ignore the haters, don’t let the bad energy of anyone else renew through you. Take the high road.

Achievement is made through timing, hard work and good marketing but on a basic level it’s you taking risks, creating your own opportunities. The longest journey starts with the smallest step, one out of your comfort zone. People see the achievement, but what they don’t see is the nine times you tried and were denied. We learn far more through our mistakes.

Inadvertently my mother taught me to have goals and to make a plan in order to find my fortune. If you chose a job you love you will never work a day in your life. I believe you find your own luck, but only if you look for it and accept it when it comes.

Most things are a matter of perspective. What others view as hard luck may be a learning curve and what others view as your good luck is actually the result of years of toil, endured so that when you met your opportunity, you were ready for it.

But then there are those who are just lucky, they had a different path. Be happy for them their luck might rub off on you!

- Tina Smith Author of Wolf Sirens

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