Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hi, my book is going to be featured on Summer Lanes blog The writing Belle on the 29th of October, for Halloween. Spooky....
We will be giving away 5 free ebooks of Wolf Sirens, and one signed paper back to Australian residents.
Summer Lane
Writing Belle

I have successfully formatted Fever (WS2) for Smashwords. Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks! I am especially proud of my abillity to index.

Also I had nearly 2000 downloads on Kindle Select free days. So once again for every person I followed on twitter I had one download (though obviously the downloads weren't all from twitter friends) - but its a nice correlation.

I am just waiting on the cover for Fever and it will be released on the 1st November.

Happy Halloween!

Love Tina

What happens when you fall in love with someone who barely knows you exist?
What happens when he loves you back?
What happens when you discover you are the enemy?

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